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We make advertising epic!

At YOU ARE EPIC, we make advertising epic to support charitable projects.

How it all started

Portrait of Georg Hertner, initiator of YOU ARE EPIC

“I would like to start with a story from my childhood to introduce you to the two central core elements that support this concept.
At that time I was 11-12 years old and went to secondary school in Pottschach in Southern Lower Austria. That day I did something I had never done before: I won the golden pin in the 3-way fight. I felt super good. My classmates gave me a pat on the back and I was proud and fulfilled to have done something so cool. It was a really great day...
When I was on my way home, an elderly lady with two heavy shopping bags turned onto the path in front of me. I thought about it for a moment and decided to help her carry her bags. At first she didn't really want to, but then agreed in good spirits. I brought her groceries to her front door, although that was quite a detour for me. But when I saw the gratitude in the lady's eyes, it overcame me. I felt indescribably good. I was happy to have helped this lady and it filled me with happiness and joy. I felt like Superman.

The reason why I remember this day so well was this beautiful moment. The feeling of having done something good.

The right time and the inner need to help play a central role in this story. Those are the two basic building blocks of this concept.”

Georg Hertner


We build on that

Social need

Helping others is usually a very nice and fulfilling feeling. We could almost say it is a basic need and fills us with happiness.

Unfortunately, we still do it very rarely and hide behind excuses and personal convenience.

But what, if we could easily meet our social needs with what we like to do at home?

A man reaches out to help a woman. This image represents our vision of using advertising to make a positive difference.

Epic Moment

Do you know that positive feeling when you've done something great, achieved something really big? The moment when you think: "YES - I am awesome!"

We call this moment an Epic Moment! And it is precisely this moment, when you are usually in a good mood and in a positive emotion, that we take advantage of.

A gamer experiences an Epic Moment that makes the experience special.

Ads are annoying

Let's not kid ourselves: advertising is annoying!

In many cases, advertising works through penetration. Even more... even more... even more...

The consequence is, that we hide, scroll through or toggle advertising. And so the advertising loses and misses its actual effect.

We believe that advertising should create value and evoke positive emotions. Emotions that we want to use in this advertising format to make the world a little bit better.

A woman covers her ears in disgust as she has symbolically had enough of penetrative advertising.

What if

Almost USD 700 billion will be spent on advertising worldwide this year alone. For advertising that only uses a very small part of its actual advertising potential. Just imagine the following:

What, if you could divert advertising money to support charitable projects and thus increase the advertising value by a multiple?

Basically, this ad format does just that!

We solve a very specific need of advertisers and consumers, increase the advertising benefit and at the same time, we make the world a little bit better for everyone.

Mother and daughter form a heart with their hands. Doing something good fills us with happiness and satisfaction.

This is how we save the world

We reach people at the perfect moment, in a positive emotion, and enable them to satisfy their social need to "do something good". And they do exactly what they love to do: experiencing epic moments.

For the first time, consumers experience advertising that makes them happy and at the same time improves the world.

We help together — with what we love to do.

A woman experiences her perfect moment on a summit overlooking a lake.

Do something good with gaming

Satisfied facial expression of a man who has just experienced his Epic Moment. Question text: "How cool is that?"

Make the world a better place with Epic Moments

We want to use Epic Moments to make the world even more beautiful and livable and thus help all those who need our help most urgently.

We want to create advertising formats which, in addition to being useful for consumers and advertisers, are also useful in the real world.

We want to start a movement and show and show that everyone can take their social responsibility without effort and without coercion.

Beaming faces of students in a school funded by donations.

This is how we keep your effort as small as possible

Our online platform acts as an interface between consumers, advertisers, gaming platforms, streamers and NPOs - tailored to your needs. Transparent, simple and intuitive, with full support.

Two colleagues work collaboratively on a task.


Transparency and reliability form the basis of our success.

Our partnership with impactory ensures that every single Euro arrives exactly where it is needed in a comprehensible and targeted manner.

In addition, every transaction is verifiably and publicly accessible stored in a transparency database.

Through the cooperation of YOU ARE EPIC and Impactory we can make the world a little bit better together.epic

Professionalism and passion are in our DNA

YOU ARE EPIC is more than a brand or a product. YOU ARE EPIC is a vision that is supported by a group of committed, creative and positive people with deep conviction and passion.

With us, professionalism meets passion, and the focus is always on the customer. As part of the Ebcont Group, we can draw on 15 years of technical know-how.

We want to create advertising, that not only provides brands and consumers with concrete added value, but also creates a benefit for all those who urgently need it.

A rowing boat serves as a symbol for the close cooperation at YOU ARE EPIC. Only together can we achieve great things.