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Donating has never been so easy!

We care about making donating as easy as possible.

We forward advertising money to your project

A brand new fundraising format that...

... redirects advertising funds to your organization

... doesn't cost you a Cent

... increases your reach in your target audience

... opens up a new, young, digital-savvy target group for your NPO

... links your organization with a positive emotion and builds a strong bond with the donor

... makes your donors happy and the world a little bit better

A man sits on a sofa making his donation from the comfort of his smartphone. The image is meant to highlight our easy approach to donating.

A new donation format that allows donors to...

... satisfy their need to do something good

... donate without effort and at their convenience

... support non-profit organizations close to their hearts

... perceive NPOs in a positive context and entirely without negative feelings

... connect with your organization and also to stay connected

... making a difference in the real world with what they love to do most

A couple is having an Epic Moment together and rejoicing. Giving has never been so easy!

We are using Epic Moments...

... in which donors are in a positive emotion and allow them to fulfill their need to help in that situation - conveniently, easily, and completely free of charge.

So, Gamers can do good by achieving and experiencing such Epic Moments in computer games or live streams.

Positive fundraising that inspires your donors

A group of young people have a great time together at the beach.

We are building on these trends

Creativity and know-how

There are more fundraising organizations, more appeals for donations. The flood of information is increasing, the time budget is dwindling. But how to counteract this? Through creative work that stands out and touches and involves donors. The trend is toward creative and strategic work in fundraising.

That would be our unique selling point for creative fundraising

The desire to see eye-to-eye

Today, people of all generations and classes want to be treated fairly as equal, mature partners. It's the same in fundraising. Donors feel part of the organization and want to be informed.

Donor wishes are taken into account. Direct contact with donors possible.

Fewer give more

The response rate of fundraisers is dropping. Twenty years ago, it was close to 20%. Ten years ago, it averaged about 16%. This trend is still continuing. Fortunately, however, the amount donated is also increasing.

You Are Epic would be disruptive right here, many small individual donations do big things.

Combination of channels as new success factor

Competition is also increasing in fundraising. The sensible combination of different fundraising channels and marketing tools is crucial in the battle for donations.

A new channel that can be ideally combined with all existing fundraising tools.

Relationship with Donors

There are more regular donors again. In 2000, 27% were also regular donors. In 2015, on the other hand, it was already 38% To keep donors loyal to the NPO, you have to invest in the relationship and deepen it.

How to build relationships and loyalty with your donors (follow up mailing, positioning the NPO in the player profile, possibility to donate additionally)

Together with
we're doing good

Impactory combines social and community responsibility.

Together with impactory, we can support over 300 charitable projects and ensure, that every Euro goes exactly where it is needed.

This partnership brings us another step closer to our shared vision of making the world a better place.

Together with our collaboration partner Impactory, we want to make the world a little bit better.

Current challenges in fundraising

This is where we can support your NPO

Polar bears are threatened with extinction. We want to create a safe and livable future for these wonderful animals, among others.

Problems NPOs are struggling with

The donation pie remains the same, but more and more NPOs want a piece of it.

The target audience is outdated (Typical donor is 65 years / female).

The marketing effort is getting bigger and bigger.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate and stand out from other NPOs.

NPOs can be assured of the support of millions of volunteers.

Why don't people donate?

Wrong timing: "I don't have time right now"

Picture of a tiger in a trap: "I don't want any negative emotion"

Transparency: "What happens to the money?"

I don't have any money: "Why does it always have to be a subscription?"

Not present: "I just never think about it"

Too elaborate: "Why is this so complicated?"

The man in the image wonders why no donations were made.

Your advantage

Super combinable: combine Epic Messages with your fundraising campaign and benefit twice.

Potential audience: gamers are a new and very promising target audience.

Convenient donation: make it easy for donors to give to your NPO.

New revenue stream: generate donations with a whole new approach and regardless of the current donation volume.

Bright faces of students in a school funded by donations.

No effort: your effort is essentially limited to providing an account number to which the donation should be transferred.

Visibility/Marketing: increase your reach and visibility.

Positive emotion and engagement: communicate in a positive perception at the perfect moment with your donors, building a positive relationship with them.

Binding opportunity: stay in touch with your donors and also offer them the opportunity to see all the good they are doing with their donation.

There is helpfulness in everyone. We give encouragement to each other and are there for each other.

Target group gamers - The heroes of tomorrow

One of the most underestimated yet promising target groups in the market!

Why is gaming so hot?

On the bus, in bed, during lunch break, in the evening on the sofa, alone, with the family or the community. With the spread of smartphones & co, e-games have also become widespread. From simple games like Candy Crush to epic blockbuster productions like World of Warcraft, the gaming enthusiasm of every target group is catered to.

Hard facts

Ø age 36.4 years

60% are employed

70% have high school diploma/college degree

Medium household income

Product affine

Online - tracking & addressing the desired target group possible

Digital affine & connected

Social Media active

Very broad & large target group (age, interests)

Usage of all digital advertising formats possible (images, videos, animations, ...)

Source: | Annual Report of the German Games Industry 2021


Overview of the average age distribution of gamers based on the Annual Report of the German Games Industry.

2 million regular gamers

Around 35 million regular gamers

European Union
Around 200 million regular gamers

The largest gamer group is made up of the over 50s and the average age of German gamers continues to rise.

Source: Annual Report of the German Games Industry 2021

The quality of your branding is a top priority

Through our quality assurance process, we ensure that...

... your NPO is only represented in games that match your values.

... all processes are handled in a GDPR compliant manner.

... every donated euro reaches your organization demonstrably and transparently.

Just like the quality of drinking water, the quality assurance of your brand is our top priority.

Want to use or learn more about this fundraising format?

Then take the opportunity now!

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