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Advertising that works

Two players experience an Epic Moment in the game and show excitement about advertising that works and makes a difference in the real world.

In-game messages that...

reach your consumers at the perfect moment - in a positive emotion, when they are receptive to it.

are not going to be over-read or overlooked - 100% conscious awareness of the brand.

make happy - thanks to these impressions your consumers can satisfy their social need.

positively connect your brand and thus positively charge your brand.

Young man is playing a game on his mobile device. He is about to experience an Epic Moment.

portray your brand in a positive context.

display your brand not as an advertiser, but as a supporter - 'We're doing something really cool together!'

bring your brand's advertising potential to the forefront in all other advertising formats - advertising booster.

help you stand out.

make a difference in the real world.

Young man sits in front of his PC and throws his hands up. He is happy about an Epic Moment and experiences the in-game message consciously and positively.

We use Epic Moments…

in which consumers are in a good mood and enable them in this situation to fulfill their concrete social need to help others - doing exactly what they love to do.

by achieving and experiencing these Epic Moments in their favorite computer games or live streams.

Made possible only thanks to a supporter. Thanks to your brand!

A group of young people have a great time together at the beach.

Let's together save the world!

Several people of different backgrounds, genders and ages stand side by side and smile at each other. Together they can make a difference and do good with their Epic Moments.

In-game advertising so far

In-game advertising

Advertising implemented dynamically or statically in the game's code. Advertising content can be varied, or the same for all players.

Image: Sponsoo

Ads as rewards

Bonus or help in return for consuming ads.

Image: Smartyads

Freemium model

Players are offered a free version of the game, including ads.


Timebased popup overlay

At specific time intervals, advertising overlays in the form of videos and banners are displayed.

Image: Twitter

The pains of in-game advertising so far

Engineering icon


  • High development effort
  • Technical complexity
  • Not scalable


  • Negative & unconscious perception
  • No added value
  • Interrupts game flow
  • Wrong timing
Costs icon


  • Associated with high cost
  • Non-transparent billing
  • No interaction
Target group icon

Target group

  • Watering jug principle
  • No targeting of the target group
  • Rigid content

Ads of value that do something positive

A young woman helps a homeless man. Helping others is a beautiful and fulfilling feeling.

The advantages


  • Advertising interaction at the perfect moment:

    When the customer is receptive to it and in a good mood.

  • Positive association:

    The potential customer associates something positive with your brand and product. The brand is positively charged, the in-game message is not perceived as an advertisement!

  • Booster for follow-up advertising:

    Positive association has an effect. I.e. this positive association doesn't fizzle out with the in-game message, but also fuels subsequent advertising efforts.

  • Quality over quantity:

    Targeted advertising that speaks to your exact audience and delivers tangible value.

  • Conscious perception:

    Will not be hidden, skimmed or read over. The player wants to see your advertisement.

  • Transparent and measurable:

    Every in-game message is controllable and targeted.

  • External effectiveness:

    The brand can also market its commitment to charitable causes in an externally effective manner.


  • Satisfy social need:

    Gamers can satisfy their social need to help with what they love most, playing games and having great moments.

  • Positive emotions:

    Great feeling of having done something good - gaming does something positive in the real world.

  • Epic Meaning:

    Players can work together to change / improve the real world. Together they can make a positive difference.

  • Simple donation:

    Do good without putting in your own cash, no subscription and no pain. Just do what you love most: playing and winning.

  • No annoying ads:

    Move away from banners and popups, towards ads that make sense!


Target group gamers - The heroes of tomorrow

One of the most underestimated and yet most promising target groups in the market!

Why is gaming so hot?

On the bus, in bed, during lunch break, in the evening on the sofa, alone, with the family or the community. With the spread of smartphones & co, e-games have also spread. From simple games like Candy Crush to epic blockbuster productions like World of Warcraft, the gaming enthusiasm of every target group is catered to.

Hard facts

Ø age 36.4 years

60% are employed

70% have high school diploma/college degree

70% have high school diploma/college degree

Medium household income


Online - tracking & targeting of desired audience possible

Digital-savvy & connected

Social Media active

Very broad & large target group (age, interests)

Use of all digital advertising formats possible (images, videos, animations, ...)

Source: | Annual Report of the German Games Industry 2021


Overview of the average age distribution of gamers based on the Annual Report of the German Games Industry.

Source: 2021 Annual Report of the German Games Industry

Around 2 million regular gamers

Around 35 million regular gamers

European Union
Around 200 million regular gamers

The quality of your branding is a top priority

Through our quality assurance, we ensure that...

... your brand is only represented in games that match your company and its values.

... we only show your brand to players who are in your target audience.

... your brand will be linked only to NPOs you want to support.

... only Epic Moments that have been previously reviewed and approved are used for your message.


Are you interested in being perceived as an epic brand by your consumers?

Then take the opportunity now!

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