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Let's save the world together!

This is how gamers can make a positive difference together, in the real world, with their Epic Moments.

You should definitely know this

  • Now and forever free:

    You Are Epic won't cost you a Cent, the only thing you need to do is playing and experiencing great moments.

  • You decide:

    Your donation goes exactly where you want it to go; in a transparent and traceable way.

  • Right time:

    You decide when the time is right to do something good. You trigger the Epic Moment!

  • Added value:

    Our in-game messages are NOT traditional product promotions and are always linked to a very specific social purpose.

  • Make yourself rare:

    We only use special and Epic Moments to save the world together with you.

A player rejoices and celebrates his Epic Moment.

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A gamer looks at the in-game message on her PC and thinks to herself, "Donating has never been so easy!"

How does this work?

  • 1

    First, you have to actively choose in the stream or in-game to use your Epic Moments to do good. I.e. the whole thing is optional and can be changed at any time.

  • 2

    If you choose to use your Epic Moment and it is triggered by you, you will receive an in-game message (max size 20% of screen) as an overlay in the game or stream.

  • 3

    Together with you, the brand that supports you to save the world and gives you the money for the good cause celebrating your Epic Moment.

A group of gamers just had an Epic Moment and are rejoicing together.
  • 4

    The in-game message is time-limited (max. 20 seconds) and of course will not disturb your game flow in any way.

  • 5

    By watching this in-game message, the amount of money provided by the advertiser will be automatically transferred to an NPO previously selected by you. Alternatively, you can decide where you want to donate at a later time. The donation amount per Epic Moment may vary depending on the game, stream and brand.

The final boss was defeated at the last second. The player is cheered on by her friend and enjoys her success.
  • 6

    For streams, viewers collect donations by watching the in-game message, which the streamer is then allowed to transfer to charity.

  • 7

    There is no cost or effort to the streamer, viewer or gamer from the in-game message.

  • 8

    The in-game message can of course be stopped or interrupted at any time.

  • 9

    At the next Epic Moment, the process repeats.

A group of friends eagerly await the approaching Epic Moment. Will it pan out?

This is how to donate today!

Do you know the guilty conscience you feel, when you throw the donation slip of an NPO/NGO into the trash can or quickly walk past the booth of an NPO so that no one approaches you?

Now donating is easier than ever! The only thing you need to do is playing and winning. With your Epic Moments in computer games or streams you can support charitable projects that are close to your heart. And the whole thing won't cost you a dime!

Cool, donating has never been so easy! Now I can use my Epic Moments in computer games to support cool projects that are close to my heart.

What is an Epic Moment?

You know that feeling, when you're gaming where your focus deepens, your eyes tighten, your pulse rises, and your breath catches?

Where you slowly realize, "OMG, I can do this after all."

And then it's time: YOU MADE IT! - When your tension turns to relief and happy hormones rush through your body like you just saved the world!

Now, you can use these Epic Moments to do something good!

A gamer experiences an Epic Moment that makes the experience special.

Examples of Epic Moments

  • Win against a player with higher skills/ranking

  • Turn the game within the last seconds/moves

  • Set a new record

  • Discover a hidden level

  • Win the game very close

  • Score a super rare item, such as magic sword

  • Be the best player in a multiplayer game

  • Achieve a particularly difficult goal in a team game together (total points record)

  • Win again after a long dry spell/numerous defeats

  • Move up to a special rank in the ranking

This is what Epic Moments look like! Defeated the final boss, made 1st place, discovered the magic sword, or accomplished something completely unexpected.

What was your most Epic Moment?

Let's save the world together!

Let's save the world together!

Every gamer has the chance to make a difference with their game!

And change something for the better!


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